Arena Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting for Arenas

The Solar Technology Arena 2K Light is the perfect solution to illuminate your indoor or outdoor school. This all-in-one solar floodlighting solution can deliver an impressive 2000 lumens for up to four hours per 24 hours, with a 2 year warranty upon purchase. This is typically a cost effective and far cheaper option than hard wiring a lighting system for arenas.

  • The powerful 13000mAh lithium battery pack and 2000 lumen LED cluster means that the Arena2K light provides 100% more illumination than its predecessor.
  • Once in place, solar powered lighting requires little maintenence and there are no ongoing costs.
  • Designed for outdoor use, 365 days per year, the Arena 2K light can be fixed using the u bolts supplied to a standard scaffold pole, or to a wall with the expansion bolts.

  • Using the remote control, the Arena 2K can switch between motion activated (PIR) mode and timed illumination mode.

  • By adding a Solar Technology Arena 2K Supercharger Solar Panel unit outside the building, the Arena 2K can be used to light large indoor arenas and menages.

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Solar Technology Arena 2K LightsSolar Technology Arena 2K Lights
Solar Technology Arena 2K Lights
Next generation solar-powered lighting Solar Technology Arena 2K Lights has been developed specifically for users both outdoors and indoors. With a powerful solar panel, large battery and a bright light, the Arena 2K Lights can be extended by using the optional supercharger solar panel (available seperately). Please contact us for more information on delivery.
from £245.00 inc VAT
Solar Technology Arena 2K Supercharger Solar PanelSolar Technology Arena 2K Supercharger Solar Panel
Solar Technology Arena 2K Supercharger Solar Panel
A supplementary 10W Solar Panel that connects directly to the Solar Technology Arena 2K Light, enabling guarenteed additional work time during winter months. Please contact us for more information on delivery.
from £48.00 inc VAT

Arena Solar Lighting

What is Solar Lighting for Arenas

Solar lighting is made up of three parts: the light, the battery, and the solar cell panel. The Solar Technology lights that we stock have internal lithium batteries, which are charged by powerful solar panels on the top of the light. It can be difficult to navigate the best relationship between different light lumens, solar panel charge, and hours of illumination, but we have done the hard work for you!

Our solution for solar arena lights is the Solar Technology Arena 2K Lights. It provides the perfect amount of light for riding your horse at night in an outdoor arena. It has been designed so the light draw is appropriate for the size of solar panel to offer 6 hours constant light at night with the 1500 lumen option (longer lighting if you choose the 500 – shorter if you choose the 2000 lumen options) during the winter. With the setting on the motion sensor option, the expected run time is between 60- 120 hours.

For longer lasting illumination, up to three Supercharger Solar Panels can be added to each light, increasing the length of lighting to up to 12 hours.


How many lights will I need ?

We have listed the recommended number of lights and the most suitable set up for some common arena sizes below. These arrangements show the layout for a flatwork arena - the
additional lights required for jumping will be positioned down the long side of the arena.


For use with Indoor Schools

Solar Technology lights are charged by powerful solar panels on the top of the light. This means that where these lights are being used indoors they will need to be connected to supercharger panels outside of the building. This then generates the power from the outside of the building with the solar light wired from the solar panel unit through the building into the indoor area.



The ArenaLight can be fixed to a standard scaffolding pole (recommended height of 4m) they can be picked up cheaply and last for years, or fixed directly to a wall. For an Arena setting, we would recommend setting the light angle to 30° as shown. We can provide a detailed explanation of how ro fit upon purchase.


Uk-based Support

Solar Technology International provides full UK-based technical support by phone, email or via social media.

Arena 2K comes with a two-year warranty and Solar Technology International offers a full repair or replacement service within the warranty period to provide assurance and peace of mind.

Many online retailers cannot offer the same level of support – particularly if the sellers are based outside the UK