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Wolseley Hummingbird Blade
Wolseley Hummingbird Blade
Wolseley Hummingbird replacement blade. Ceramic blade with a cutting length of 0.5mm and a blade width of 38mm. The Wolseley Hummingbird blade is suitable for partial pet grooming and horse trimming. To fit the Wolseley Hummingbird trimmer. Disposable.
£12.50 inc VAT
Wolseley Standard Skylark Trimmer BladeWolseley Standard Skylark Trimmer Blade
Wolseley Standard Skylark Trimmer Blade
Stock Update 26.02.21 - Stock is not due to the manufacturer until May 2021, once this item is sold out, it may not be available until June 2021
£23.50 inc VAT