Identifying Which Blades Fit your Clipper

Find the make and model of your clipper to identify which blades are compatible.

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What grade of blade should I use to clip with?

As a general rule, we recommend the following grades for the clipping conditions listed below. For information about the cutting lengths of specific blades, please refer to the table:


Extra Coarse

  • Clipping dirty cattle
  • Clipping through thick coats eg horses with chushing's


  • Clipping cattle
  • Tough clipping conditions with horses eg cushings
  • Clipping feathers


  • The first clip of the season
  • Clipping pink skinned horses
  • Clipping naturally thick/coarse coated horses


  • Subsequent clips after the first clip of the season
  • Summer clipping

  • To produce a close finish

Close/Extra Fine

  • clipping fine coated horses to produce a very close finish.


  • suitable for pre-op preparations; they are recommended for veterinary use only.

Covercote (Lister Only)

  • Suitable for producing a natural, tidy look.
  • This specialist blade is ideal for clipping show horses in the Autumn prior to HOYS.

Wizard (Lister Only)

  • Suitable for shearing and dagging small flocks (up to 10 sheep)

Please Note: Although the cutting lengths of some medium and coarse blades are the same, coarse blades are designed to cope with thicker hair.


Cutting Length
Plastic socket medium (A2) 2.5mm
Plastic socket fine (A2F) 1.4mm
Plastic socket close/extra fine (A2C) 1.2mm
Plastic socket surgical (A2S) 1mm
Metal socket coarse 2.5mm (designed for coarser coats)
Metal socket medium 2.5mm
Metal socket fine 1.4mm
Metal socket covercote 5mm
Hog/Dog 13/19mm
Wizard Sharing Sheep
Liveryman Lister-fit fine (A2M) ~ 1.2mm
Liveryman Lister-fit medium (A2F) ~ 2.5mm
Liveryman medium (A2)  ~2.3mm
Liveryman fine (A22) ~1.2mm
Liscop (also fits Liveryman & Wolseley)
Extra Coarse (A7) 3mm
Coarse (A6) 3mm
Medium (A2) 3mm
Fine (A22) 1mm
Kerbl Liveryman/Wolseley/Liscop Fit
Very Fine 0.5mm
Standard 3mm
Kerbl Heiniger Fit
Coarse (23-21) 3-4 mm
Standard (15-31) 2-3mm
Fine (15-31F) 1-2mm
Very Fine (23-31) ~ 1mm
Coarse (23-21) 3-4 mm
Standard (15-31) 2-3mm
Fine (15-31F) 1-2mm
Very Fine (23-31) ~ 1mm
Coarse 3mm
Standard 2-3mm
Fine 1mm
Very Fine >1mm