HAAS Brushes

HAAS brushes are a popular and much-loved brand of horse grooming brushes.  Made in Germany, with a wide choice of designs, sizes, and bristles, their range offers a brush for all types of coat conditions.  A curated selection of high-quality grooming brushes using both natural and synthetic bristles, they are durable and well made affording an excellent selection for all grooming kit requirements.

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HAAS Amazone Body BrushHAAS Amazone Body Brush
HAAS Amazone Body Brush
HAAS Amazone Body Brush
£13.95 inc VAT
HAAS Black/Dark Bay SetHAAS Black/Dark Bay Set
Must Have
HAAS Black/Dark Bay Set
Brush Set specifically designed for Dark Bay and Black Horses.
from £90.00 inc VAT

HAAS Cavaliere Body BrushHAAS Cavaliere Body Brush
HAAS Cavaliere Body Brush
HAAS Cavaliere Body Brush
£18.95 inc VAT
HAAS Chestnut/Light Bay SetHAAS Chestnut/Light Bay Set
Must Have
HAAS Chestnut/Light Bay Set
Brush set specifically designed for Chestnut and Light Bay Horses.
from £80.00 inc VAT

HAAS Diamond Gloss BrushHAAS Diamond Gloss Brush
HAAS Diamond Gloss Brush
HAAS Diamond Gloss Body Brush
£13.95 inc VAT
HAAS Diamond Wurzel BrushHAAS Diamond Wurzel Brush
HAAS Diamond Wurzel Brush
HAAS Diamond Wurzel Cleaning Body Brush
£8.95 inc VAT

HAAS Diva Exclusiv Finishing BrushHAAS Diva Exclusiv Finishing Brush
HAAS Diva Exclusiv Finishing Brush
HAAS Diva Exclusiv Finishing Brush
£23.95 inc VAT
HAAS FellglanzbursteHAAS Fellglanzburste
HAAS Fellglanzburste
HAAS Fellglanzburste High Gloss Body Brush
£12.95 inc VAT

HAAS Grey/Coloured SetHAAS Grey/Coloured Set
Must Have
HAAS Grey/Coloured Set
Brush set specifically designed for Grey and Coloured Horses.
from £75.00 inc VAT
HAAS Lipizzaner Body BrushHAAS Lipizzaner Body Brush
HAAS Lipizzaner Body Brush
HAAS Lipizzanner Body Brush
£25.95 inc VAT

HAAS Mane & Tail BrushHAAS Mane & Tail Brush
HAAS Mane & Tail Brush
HAAS Mane and Tail Brush
£6.95 inc VAT
HAAS Military BrushHAAS Military Brush
HAAS Military Brush
HAAS Military Body Brush
£18.95 inc VAT

HAAS Mustang BrushHAAS Mustang Brush
HAAS Mustang Brush
Haas Mustang Body Brush
£18.95 inc VAT
HAAS Parcour BrushHAAS Parcour Brush
HAAS Parcour Brush
HAAS Parcour Body Brush
£12.95 inc VAT

HAAS Schimmel Body BrushHAAS Schimmel Body Brush
HAAS Schimmel Body Brush
Haas Schimmel Brush
£9.95 inc VAT
HAAS Universal SetHAAS Universal Set
HAAS Universal Set
A 7 brush set for all colours.
from £110.00 inc VAT

HAAS Welsh BrushHAAS Welsh Brush
HAAS Welsh Brush
Haas Welsh Body Brush
£12.95 inc VAT

HAAS Brushes

What Brushes are in the HAAS Grey Pack?

There are four brushes in the HAAS Grey pack which is designed for grey, white or coloured horses’ coats.

  • HAAS Schimmel Body Brush - created with a mixture of coconut fibres to help lift stubborn stable and grass stains.
  • HAAS Lipizzanner Body Brush - has an exclusive horsehair mixture. The shorter bristles are for gentle cleaning and the longer bristles are for removing dust and creating gloss.
  • HAAS Diva Exclusiv brush - A lambswool centre with a soft horse bristle border for a brilliant finishing brush, that gives a lovely glossy shine.
  • HAAS Fellglanzburste - has light, soft, densely woven horsehair bristles. It is very effective for sensitive horses as it is a gentle cleaning brush.

Which HAAS brushes should I choose for Chestnut and Bay horses?

There are four that are recommended and can be found in the Chestnut and Bright Bay Set.

These are:

Which HAAS brushes should I choose for Black Horses?

There are five brushes that are particularly good for the dark brown and black coats. These are as follows:

What are the best HAAS brushes for winter coats?

It depends on how dirty and the type of coat that your horse has, but it is usual to start with a stiffer bristled brush to remove dirt, mud and dander.  Choose from:

HAAS plastic curry combs are also perfect for mud and loose hair removal.

Which HAAS brush should I choose for using on a summer coat?

The best brushes to choose are the softer bristled brushes that are densely packed with finer bristles.  These will give a close but softer groom and are particularly good on throughbreds and horses and ponies with sensitive skins.

The ones to choose are:

  • HAAS Noir (Soft with longer bristles for flicking off dust)
  • HAAS Fellglanzburste (soft with short closely packed bristles)
  • HAAS Diamond Gloss (Soft with densely packed natural horsehair bristles)
  • HAAS Amazone (Medium/soft)
  • HAAS Diva Exclusiv (Lambswool/supersoft/finishing)

About HAAS Horse Brushes

HAAS horse grooming brushes are made in Donaueschingen, a town in the Black Forest area of Germany.  They have been manufacturing brushes since 1919. This area has a century old tradition in the brush craftmanship industry and is distinguished by experience that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Originally all the brushes were handmade but with growing demand, for a dedicated range of horse grooming brushes, HAAS now uses machine production processes, although there is still an element of final finishing that is done by hand.

The majority of HAAS brushes are made from polypropylene.  This is food safe and free from harmful substances and plasticisers.  PP is also easy to recycle and can either be re-melted directly into new products or processes and recycled for re-use, making it one of the most efficient post-consumer plastics.

Natural wood and horsehair are also used as well as natural fibres for the more traditional brushes.  These are sought after for their quality and craftmanship as well as providing a superb grooming experience.

The innovative design of all the HAAS brushes ensure longevity, with the bristles and handle incorporated directly into the body of the brush. Without the use of glue, screws, or nails, these brushes are a safe option for both horse and rider, built to last for many years of use.

HAAS products are renowned for their sustainability and quality, this has been their corporate identity for over 100 years.

Where are HAAS brushes made?

HAAS horse grooming brushes are made in Donaueschingen, a town in the Black Forest area of Germany.  They have been manufacturing brushes since 1919.

What are HAAS brushes made from?

The raw material from which almost all the HAAS brush bodies are made with is the plastic polypropylene, or PP for short. The straps are made from a faux leather material.

Are HAAS brushes worth it?

HAAS brushes have been made to last and are manufactured using high grade synthetic and natural materials.  The composition of the bristles and the craftmanship, using modern production technology ensure the exemplary standard of quality and longevity that is expected with a premium grooming brand.  They are designed for everyday use and are both tough and waterproof.

Why are HAAS brushes so popular?

HAAS brushes are so popular because there are so many types of brushes to choose from within their horse grooming collections.  There is a brush for every type and colour of horse, along with a choice of sizes to suit children, ladies, and gentlemen.  Comfortable to hold and with many varieties of hair or bristle, this ensures there are a selection of brushes for every groomer’s requirement.

How sustainable are the HAAS brushes?

All the HAAS brushes are made in the Black Forest area of Germany, with most materials being sourced directly from this region, to keep emissions low and to support local companies.  The remaining materials come from other areas of Germany.

HAAS are perceived as a value-based company and stand for responsible and sustainable management, paying attention to the highest quality and production standards as well as constantly improving their ecological footprint to become as small as possible.

Can you wash HAAS brushes?

Yes, all the brushes that have a plastic back can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. HAAS suggest they are put in a wash bag when machine washed.  Brushes that have wooden backs and natural bristles need more care and can be hand washed and dried naturally with the bristles facing down.