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Smart Grooming Smart Coats ThinnerSmart Grooming Smart Coats Thinner
Smart Grooming Smart Coats Thinner
Smart Coats are the most incredibly simple grooming tool that will keep coats thinned and tangle free.
from £45.00 inc VAT
StripHair Gentle GroomerStripHair Gentle Groomer
StripHair Gentle Groomer
Easy-to-Use coat conditioning and hair removal tool.    Ideal for all Horses... including the most sensitive of breeds.
£37.00 inc VAT

Ezee GroomEzee Groom
Ezee Groom
The Ezee Groom is an indispensable shedding tool designed for removing loose hair and dirt from your horse and/or dog without causing any discomfort. Its simple and ergonomic design produces flawless results, rejuvenating even the thickest of coats and thinning out dead and shedding hair quickly and effectively. The Ezee Groom has been designed with longevity in mind; its serrated blade is...
from £16.95 inc VAT
Circular Spiral Curry Comb and Shedding Tool
Circular Spiral Curry Comb and Shedding Tool
This curry comb is perfect for cleaning brushes and removing loose hair, dirt and grease directly from the horse. A versatile item that is a must have for every grooming kit! Approx 22 x 11 cm
£7.95 inc VAT

Kerbl Pet Hair ThinnerKerbl Pet Hair Thinner
Must Have
Kerbl Pet Hair Thinner
A simple but effective hair shedding tool particularly good for fine or thick coated dogs.
from £8.95 inc VAT
Grooming Block
Grooming Block
A great product for removing your horses loose hair, dried on mud and even bot eggs. Perfect for shedding season!
£3.50 inc VAT

Smart Grooming Red Super GroomerSmart Grooming Red Super Groomer
Smart Grooming Red Super Groomer
Smart Grooming Super Groomer is another innovative but simple product that makes removing dried. caked mud and sweat really quick and easy. It is really brilliant to use on sensitive horses, and is particularly good to use around the head and eyes where mud can get stuck on and brush bristles are not always appreciated! The Super Groomer is also great to use when shampooing. Apply shampoo directly...
£7.95 inc VAT

Shedding Tools

Great for pets as well as horses, these tools can also be used to remove hair from numnahs and car seats.