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Mane and Tail Brush
Mane and Tail Brush
Mane and Tail Grooming Brush
£4.95 inc VAT
Horse Shaped SpongeHorse Shaped Sponge
Horse Shaped Sponge
Absorbent wash sponge in a horse shape. Ideal for bathing or washing legs. The colour of the sponge is chosen randomly.
£1.95 inc VAT

Microfibre ClothMicrofibre Cloth
Microfibre Cloth
This handy Microfibre Cloth is handy to have in the grooming kit and is perfect for last minute wipe overs. Hot Clothing with Super Shine lotionWashing down or cooling off after exerciseDusting off the coat after groomingApplying, buffing and blending productsDrying unwanted moistureWiping over or drying tack, saddle, or boot area. Can also be purchased with Smart Grooming's Super Shine Lotion.
£2.95 inc VAT
Digital Thermometer
Best Seller
Digital Thermometer
Smart Grooming’s digital thermometer is a safe, accurate and simple way to check and monitor body temperature. Useful to check for abnormally high or low body temperature. This digital thermometer has rapid measurements of 10 seconds (rectal) or 17 seconds (oral), and an automatic audible signal at the end of measurement. With this digital thermometer by Smart Grooming you are able to store...
£7.95 inc VAT

Soft Faux Lambswool Grooming MittSoft Faux Lambswool Grooming Mitt
Soft Faux Lambswool Grooming Mitt
This super soft faux lambswool grooming mitt is perfect for giving a final shine. Gently removing dust and giving an instant shine. Can be used in conjunction with our Coat Sheen to polish in extra shine. A soft, durable synthetic mitt shaped to fit all hand sizes, with a soft cuff.
£8.95 inc VAT
Stud Muffins Treats
Stud Muffins Treats
Stud Muffins are a ridiculously tasty range of horse treats containing a host of beneficial ingredients including Linseed, Fenugreek and Wholegrains to ensure they are as delicious as they are nutritious. Hand made with care and devotion, fortified with extra protein and flax seeds ensuring they are healthy and enjoyable for your horse.
£4.50 (VAT exempt)

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