Blades for Summer Clipping

Blades for Summer Clipping

The beauty of horse clipping is that you can clip entirely to your own needs and preferences. In the summer months, pick a blade that will make your horse look gleaming, make their amazing features stand out and provide with the comfort they need.During the warmer season, we recommend purchasing a blade that will help to keep your horse cool.

A2F/AC Fine Blades:
A firm favourite amongst those showing their animals in the summer months. Leaving approximately 1.5mm of hair on the coat, this will accentuate their features and provide a smart finish.

A2/AC Medium blades:
If you are looking to keep their natural summer coat intact without completely removing it, another blade option you have is the medium blade, leaving around 2.5mm of hair on the coat. This blade is ideal for general grooming and summer clipping. It is recommended for those lighter-haired horses that are prone to burn when out in the sun such as greys, colureds and pink skinned horses.

Lister Covercote Blade, for Lister Clippers only:
One of the most popular blades amongst the showing riders is the specialist Covercote Blade by Lister, leaving 5.0mm of hair on the coat tends to be a popular option amongst horse owners this summer due to its ability to cut off the excess length of the coat. This works well on those horses with an already shorter coat like thoroughbreds who do not require a large amount clipped off, while also being a great alternative blade for thicker coats such as Natives or Cushings suffers.

Its always best to have a few different blade types or grades in the kit bag just in case the weather makes a sudden change!

23rd July 2021

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