Rechargeable Clippers

Rechargeable Clippers and Trimmers give you the flexibility to be able to clip without relying on mains electricity. Sophisticated technology means that batteries last longer and give more power than ever before, so you will still have optimum performance from your clippers.

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Aesculap Bonum Horse ClipperAesculap Bonum Horse Clipper
Aesculap Bonum Horse Clipper
Medium Duty Aesculap Bonum
from £350.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Battery Only for Heiniger Xplorer
Heiniger Battery Only for Heiniger Xplorer
Spare battery for the Heiniger Xplorer clipper. Provides 2 hours clipping from a 90 minute charge.
£82.00 inc VAT

Heiniger Saphir ClipperHeiniger Saphir Clipper
Heiniger Saphir Clipper
The Heiniger Saphir is a quiet, lightweight machine that can be categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper. It is exceptionally powerful and produces minimal vibrations, therefore ideally suited for young/difficult horses and veterinary/dog grooming.
£279.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Saphir Style ClipperHeiniger Saphir Style Clipper
Heiniger Saphir Style Clipper
The Heiniger Saphir is one of our best selling light duty clippers. It's a quiet, lightweight machine with a slim grip hand-piece, making it perfectly balanced making it easy to use for long periods.
£248.00 inc VAT

Heiniger Xplorer Cordless ClipperHeiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper
Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper
The Heiniger Xplorer is a powerful cordless clipper that can cope with challenging conditions.
from £360.00 inc VAT
Lister Liberty LithiumLister Liberty Lithium
Lister Liberty Lithium
New - Lister Liberty Clipper with new Lithium Battery. Available in the Popular Pack or Deluxe Pack.  
Was £360.00 Now from £330.00 inc VAT

Lister Libretto Lithium - Popular PackLister Libretto Lithium - Popular Pack
Lister Libretto Lithium - Popular Pack
The Lister Libretto Max is a quiet, lightweight trimmer that can be used as a light duty clipper. Designed to be powered by a Lister Liberty battery or Lister mains supply lead.  
£185.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Black Beauty ClipperLiveryman Black Beauty Clipper
Special Offer
Liveryman Black Beauty Clipper
Medium Duty Liveryman Black Beauty.
Was £275.00 Now from £225.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Harmony PlusLiveryman Harmony Plus
Liveryman Harmony Plus
The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper and is the perfect machine for nervous or young horses. This clipper is also supplied with an additional battery pack allowing upto 4 hours more clipping time.
£280.00 inc VAT
Wahl KM Cordless Animal ClipperWahl KM Cordless Animal Clipper
Wahl KM Cordless Animal Clipper
The Wahl KM Cordless is a quiet, lightweight machine that can be categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper.
£265.00 inc VAT