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Smart Coats Replacement Blades
Smart Coats Replacement Blades
Smart Coats replacement blade for Smart Coats. Manufactured by Smart Grooming. These replacement blades are replaceable or interchangeable. Smart Coats are brilliant for thinning thick, matted coats on horses, donkeys, big dogs, or any creature that has a seriously thick coat that needs attention.
from £28.50 inc VAT
Smart Grooming Smart Coats ThinnerSmart Grooming Smart Coats Thinner
Smart Grooming Smart Coats Thinner
Smart Coats Thinner from Smart Grooming. These amazing thinning tools use the same principle as Smart Tails and Smart Manes, but have a wider blade width of 5". They are brilliant for removing the thick winter undercoat. The Smart Coats thinner has been tried and tested on ponies with Cushings and Donkeys and Shetland ponies who tend to be heavily coated all year round. If the Smart Coats...
from £41.00 inc VAT

Smart Coats

Designed to remove dead hair from thick coats, the Smart Coats thinning tool has a changable head and gives a tidy, groomed appearance. Popular for use on coats which are very thick, matted and on horses with Cushings.