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Smart Grooming Mane ThinnerSmart Grooming Mane Thinner
Smart Grooming Mane Thinner
How many horses hate having their manes being pulled? and do we really blame them! This amazing tool - Smart Manes by the Equine Grooming Specialist company Smart Grooming, brings a humane grooming tool to the market which makes thinning thick manes so quick and easy - no back combing. Just brush the mane over on to the "wrong" wide with a normal mane and tail brush, then take the Smart...
£38.00 inc VAT
Smart Manes Replacement BladesSmart Manes Replacement Blades
Smart Manes Replacement Blades
Replacement blades for the Smart Manes thinning tool. These blades are made of high quality Scandinavian steel and are easily replaceable using the spanner which can be purchased separately. Medium/Coarse and Medium/Fine available.
£19.00 inc VAT

Smart Manes

Designed to make tidying manes easy and painless for horse and human, Smart Manes tools are a grooming kit staple.