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Aesculap Favorita II Dog ClipperAesculap Favorita II Dog Clipper
Aesculap Favorita II Dog Clipper
The Aesculap Favorita II is a top quality, professional dog grooming clipper which is exclusively compatible with Aesculap blades.
£286.00 inc VAT
Heiniger Saphir
Heiniger Saphir
The Heiniger Saphir clipper is a VERY quiet lightweight clipper which has minimal vibration. Ideally suited for young/difficult horses and also for veterinary and dog grooming use as it takes the A5 snap on blade system. There is a wide blade available which is good for clipping larger areas and body clips on horses. Supplied with 2 batteries, each battery will clip for 45-60 minutes and recharges...
£279.00 inc VAT

Lister LibrettoLister Libretto
Lister Libretto
Now available with a Lithium battery, the Lister Libretto Max is a quiet, light, and powerful. Ideal for partial clips, sensitive horses and clipping legs or heads. The perfect companion to the Lister Liberty, the Libretto makes getting in to the hard to reach areas easy and can be very helpful when clipping a horse who may not like the noise of conventional clippers. They also use the same battery....
£185.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Bruno
Liveryman Bruno
The Bruno clipper is a small lightweight machine with a 2 way speed switch that alternates between 2800rpm and 3500rpm. Although the Bruno is mains powered as standard, the cable is also able to fit the Liveryman lithium-ion battery pack, making the Bruno is ideally suited for use alongside the Liveryman Black Beauty. Both machines can run from the same battery pack.
£145.00 inc VAT

Wahl KM CordlessWahl KM Cordless
Wahl KM Cordless
Powerful, brushless DC motor technology with 2 speed options (3000 and 3700 RPM)Minimal vibration and an ultra-quiet noise level of just 63 decibels. Constant Speed Control automatically gives an extra burst of force when clipping through the heaviest of coats.Lithium Ion battery technology provides 2 hours of cordless run time from a 60 minute charge. Quick charge feature gives 15 extra minutes of...
£279.00 inc VAT
Wahl Max 45
Wahl Max 45
Lightweight, ergonomic clipper suitable for student or professional use Quiet, cool running and reliable Supplied with a #10 blade 1-year warranty 450g 19cm (L) The Max 45 Standard Clipper is an ergonomic, two-speed clipper ideal for student or professional groomers upgrading from a one-speed to a two-speed clipper. This sleek clipper is powerful enough to complete a whole clip and is reliable,...
£124.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Harmony Mains (2 Blade Special)Liveryman Harmony Mains (2 Blade Special)
Special Offer
Liveryman Harmony Mains (2 Blade Special)
Clippersharp exclusive Liveryman Harmony Mains powered clipper with 2 blades. Supplied with a Narrow No10 Blade for trimming and fiddly areas, as well as a No10 Wide blade for larger body areas.  
£145.00 inc VAT
Liveryman Harmony Plus +Battery Pack
Please note, orders placed from 01.12.19 will not be dispatched until W/C 06.01.20 The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper and is the perfect machine for nervous or young horses. This clipper is also supplied with an additional battery pack allowing upto 4 hours more clipping time.
Was £280.00 Now £249.00 inc VAT

Liveryman Harmony PlusLiveryman Harmony Plus
Special Offer
Liveryman Harmony Plus
The Liveryman Harmony Plus is categorised as a trimmer or light duty clipper and is the perfect machine for nervous or young horses and comes with a Wide blade. *Please note this is not sold with Battery Pack*
£199.00 inc VAT

Light Duty

Recommended for trimming and tidying up horses around the face and legs, body clips on nervous/difficult horses providing the coat isn't too thick/coarse. Also popular for Dog Grooming and Veterinary preparation.